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S4 League

Anyone play this game called S4 Leauge? I just started recently, and it's awesome ^^.

It's a shooting game, but not too violent cuz the graphics are so cute.


Runes of Magic

Runes of magic, a new free to play MMO thats also available as a small box edition for around 10 € in Germany (and Europe?) .

A German games magazine called it a "free alternative to World of Warcraft".
I read it up and the class system sounds nice. Battles as usual. ^^

Whatever the guys from this magazin were smoking it was definitly not enough:
This game is utter crap!

The graphics are acceptable for a F2P game. Sound and music are bad, the worst.
Battles are boring and stupid. The tutorial the game has for beginner is a fucking joke.
The mouse controls, path finding and lag are bad to an extreme.

Also I haven't seen a F2P game (in a long time) where the item shop is so agrresively mentioned
and pro-actively pushed towards the user. The players receives a couple of free items for the first few levels.
Those are always luring the player to the item job because: "This item will consume upon use and is only available in the item shop."

Stay far away from this game. There are better F2P games out there.

The Chronicles of Spellborn

The Chronicles of Spellborn

"The Chronicles of Spellborn" (short CoS) is a new MMORPG that wants to change with some old-school rules.
The battle system is very different and quite unique. The graphics are nice and sometimes even very good. The music is lackluster.

Following you'll find my personal review. Pictures included are SFW of course. :)

My CoS reviewCollapse )

Warhammer Online (EU)

It is a real surprise to me how much I enjoy Warhammer Online at the moment. WoW goodbye for sure.
If yet has to prove if it could replace FFXI. Time will tell.

I'm playing a Bright Wizard (Order) on Bolgasgrad and a Magus (Chaos) on Talabheim.
Anyone else there? I'm looking for nice fun guilds. (Yes, I know those are German servers. :D)

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Ultima Online Retro Shard

If you like Ultima Online, check my my brothers Retro Shard -HERE-. It's really fun and 100% FREE ^_^ There's also a forum for it -HERE-.

Thanks for reading =)

note to self: don't read the forums

I should have listened to my best friend in the first place. He told me not to read the AoC forums anymore because all the whining would depress me and distract me from the real game. He reminded me that the population of the forums is only a fraction of the population of the actual game and all the negative things they write there are exaggerated and disproportional. I should have listened to him...

But I had got caught up the debate. I started out browsing the forums, looking for information about how the game works. You know, number crunching. How much health do I get from a helm with +1 constitution? How much faster will I run with +5 running speed? Which feats are working and which ones aren't? That sort of thing. I started out by browsing the known issues and the class forums, but that was just TMI.

I didn't know so much stuff was broken, and I doubted the words of some of the posters. A lot of them seemed to be very frustrated over just one bug or change in the game. There was this one guy who was always whingeing about how the reaver barbarian was nerfed and he demanded an explanation, no matter what the thread was about. I tried to ask him: "Do you really think kicking and screaming like a little kid is going to get you anywhere?" And he said: "I'd rather behave like a little kid than bend over and take it like a man."

The more I read the forums, the more I started to think that maybe I had bought a product that didn't deliver everything it had promised. Maybe it was like I had bought a new version of Office, and only word was working, with only three types of font, and the company was telling me that excel would be up and working soon, but they can't give me an exact indication, and all the while I have to keep paying 11 euros a month. Feeling that as a consumer I have some rights, I went looking for the end user license agreement, only to conlude that it was nowhere to be found, except when a new patch has come out, then I have to agree to it again. It probably says something like: we guarantuee nothing because a MMORPG is a work in progress, constantly evolving, and if you don't like the way it's evolving, tough luck.

With my last strength of reasoning, I pulled myself away from the forums, telling myself that they were all morons, and went back to the game. And that's what I should have done in the first place. I went on some quests, and I got invited into the Forgotten Kings guild and everything was just wonderful. The game was still breathtakingly beautiful, I understand some of the game mechanics behind what I was doing and how the game reacted to that, the atmoshpere in both the guild channel and the OOC channel was friendly and helpful. To make another very strange analogy, it was like I had been worried that my cat only comes in black and all it can say is maoow, while it would be nicer if I could sometimes change its colour and understand what it was saying. I was unhappy with something that was already wonderful in itself, for stupid reasons, because though my cat is black and says maoow, he has this look in his eyes and he follows me around and he loves cuddles. Everything is fine. I have bought a great product, and it's going to keep better and better.  

Does this sound familiar to any of you?


Parents Fear GTA More Than Sex And Alcohol

I was browsing the net and found this at Kotaku.com / whattheyplay.com

A poll on whattheyplay.com revealed parents are more afraid of GTA4 then of Sex and Alcohol.
Parents, Press, Education, self-information: Epic Fail!

Parents are the police as home: Protect your child but also serve your child.

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Hey everyone

Hope you are well! I play Age of Conan but I also carry out research into MMORPGs. I am a masters' student so I don't get paid to to it, it's purely academic. I had a paper published last year 'Social Interactions in MMORPG players - Cole & Griffiths' and if anyone wants to read it then please e-mail me at mmorpg_research@hotmail.com

I am currently looking for participants to take part in some research about relationships and personality within MMORPGs and would be really grateful if any of you would like to take part. You must be over 18, and it should take no longer than 5 - 10 minutes.

The link is here:Questionnaire

I have about a week left until I need to stop collecting data so if you want to take part do it soon :)


Helena Cole
MSc Psychological Research Methods
Nottingham Trent University


Requiem: Bloodymare

I know little of this game, but, being a horror MMO it seemed a good post for Friday the 13th.
  • It’s got 3 races, Turan, Bartuk, and Kruxena. Based on appearance and classes I consider them Human, Orc, and Dark Elf.
  • Each race as one of two started classes that branch into one of two higher classes.
  • It’s free to play with the option of paying for basic ($7) or premium($14) service.
  • It’s considered “mature” due to the bloody content.

I’m sorta “eh” about it, as the video and screencaps on the website show a lot of the same colors and environments, but I wanted to give people options if they’re looking for something to do. Open Beta begins in a week or two, me thinks.


Lunia: Record of Lunia War

(Cross posted in my own journal and girl_gamers.)

I haven't played this since I wrote the review, because currently Rohan is thoroughly distracting me from it, but it's a cute little game if you seek something somewhat different.

Lunia: Record of Lunia War.