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mmoholics's Journal

Massive Multiplayer Online Gamers
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Massively Multiplayer Online, they come and go. We love them. We hate them. We also can't get enough of them.

The "rules" are simple and flexible:
  1. Refrain from abusive or childish behavior.
  2. Screencaps, fanart, reviews, rants, etc. are welcome. If concerned about a rant, use a friends filter.
  3. All multiplayer games are welcome.
  4. Pimping a new community is fine, but if you came here only to advertise, please don't.
  5. Extolling the virtues of some new private server is also acceptable, but please, no, "Hey I'm here to promote Awesome Server. Come play and join the Awesomeness. Bye." We like a little meat to our posts. Tell us why it's The Awesome.

Membership is open to all.