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Looking for MMORPGs

Hello guys!

I'm looking around for nice MMORPGs again these days and hope this is the right place. I used to play Ragnarok Online back in 05/06 and enjoyed it a lot, but stopped after a while for a few reasons. I've never warmed up to games like WOW and have been looking for something similar to RO gameplay-wise ever since, if possible, free.
I've tried Secret of the Solstice for a while, though it was rather annoying that you had plain no chance without the cash shop, and the leveling got somewhard tireing and boring, too.
Now finally I came across Flyff, which I'm trying at the moment. It's a lot better than Secret of the Solstice, with Cashshop, but you can play well without it, too, or so it seems for now.

But still, I'm wondering: Do you have any recommendations for free MMORPGs with a nice, existant community (that is, no deserted worlds :/) and fun gameplay?
(And I wonder, do people still play RO?)

Looking forward to any replies!