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Shaiya Bonus Package

I don't play the game, but I got codes for a bonus package from PAX. Details are here

Start: 2009-8-31 16:49
End: 2009-12-1 16:49

* Ritter's Power Lv1 (x10) - Become a physical juggernaut!
* Heliy's Competence Lv1 (x10) - Ninja.
* Apostel's Ability Lv1 (x10) - Destroy enemies... with your BRAIN.
* Small Prevent Item Drop (x3) - Don't be a chump and have your corpse robbed; use these nifty items before biting it.
* Increase Drop Gold (x3) - Increases your gold drops. First you get the money. Then you get the power.
* Sun EXP Stone (x3) - Boosts your EXP gain! EXP!

There were five per DVD-ROM, and since my friend doesn't play either I have ten. I hate to see them go to waste, so drop me a LJ PM if you want one.